Beste vrienden van de zlu,

Dit jaar willen we op dezelfde voet verder gaan als vorig jaar.

Dus de duivenliefhebbers van Oost-brabant in 1 uitslag verwerken op de zlu-vluchten die geen zuiderkempenconcours zijn.

Verder willen wij iedereen dit seizoen veel succes wensen met de duiven. Dat er veel kopprijzen in onze afdeling mogen vallen.

Groeten de inkorfcentra's

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Tetris may be a classic game from gamboy. It’s an interesting, interesting and highly habit forming challenge game which had been extremely popular through the 80’s. In Russian federation, Tetris worldwide recognition is great beacuse it’s inventor was russian, 2nd simply to pacman.

All PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles are loaded with built in Wi-fi expertise, so it is quite easy to log onto your WiFi community assuming you have one particular. Go within your system’s configuration settings and enter your network’s advice.

As soon as you get paid a touch more cash, you are able to go on a family car you ought to remember to keep into a Los Santos Customs look, head over to Damage/Robberies Avoidance and buy a Tracker for doing this. It is $2,000, nonetheless it will make the car your own property – and lets you simply restore it needs to it go “passing up”. Get insurance protection far too. It is high-priced, but it is also worthwhile in the end for good reasons that will turn into crystal clear. Like some twit stealing your experience and vehicle parking it towards the end of a tank.

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A random pattern of tetrominoes (in some cases termed “tetrads” in more mature options) – structures composed of some rectangular disables every different – fall season to the mastering sector. The target from the game should be to change these tetrominoes with the goal of resulting in a horizontal range of hinders with no spaces. When a real line is designed, it disappears, and the obstructs above (if any) tumble. As being the game advances, the tetrominoes autumn more quickly, additionally, the game concludes if the competitor “tops out”, which can be, in the event the stack of tetrominoes arrives at the top of the mastering field without dealing with android as well as ios model hay day cheats that work turn into the great participant in hay day today new tetrominoes are capable of insert. (The actual meaning of a high-out is different from option to style.)

This harvesting game simulator is very simple, intuitive iphone app and incredibly stress-free! It doesn’t get the model or visuals of other programs on the selection, however, it retains some form of retro enchantment which make it really engaging. And whenever we say engaging, we signify that it may genuinely have a while of you! Also, it will eventually demand from customers alot more campaigns from yourself as this application is not actually programmed the right amount of to mend your slips or highly recommend future shifts just making it more at ease so you might engage in. It may be a minor too continual sometimes, yet the complete notion is it can not get any more simple and think about all at once.

Young people commonly go away the country side and go to big metropolitan areas to obtain their goals – that is a fairly easy actuality of the universe available us. Yet still, there will be a product so basically amusing and pleasing in harvesting that online homesteading Easy-Hayday has gotten its spot in our regular dwells few years back and it does not seemingly forfeit popularity. On the contrary, harvesting adventures are as classy as they possibly can be also there is a huge number of us on this website who cannot refuse them. That is why we needed some time to discover probably the most captivating harvesting sim online games available at Play Business and finally made our leading 10 selections.

The most recent Forge of Empires (FOE) trailers proves among the better characteristics for the method on line game and gives a feel for the whole world FOE plays in. After having a some settlers through the age range into middle ages conditions, it depicts the conquest on the planet through your profitable world. Regardless of whether you play the methodology game as an effective peaceful ruler or evil emperor ambushing nearby settlements depends on someone to come to a decision. This spectacular online game helps you choose how potent your Business will get – carry out FOE now.

Colour Crammed Egg Creative art The farmer while in the dell would definitely approve of this option from CleverPatch and therefore the children will enjoy obtaining the go-ahead of time so you can get messy and artistic. Just fill eggshells with fresh paint and now let ‘em fly. Acquire the whole information on this site.

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Iedereen Bedankt die zijn bijdrage heeft geleverd, vooral alle fuctionarrissen van Valkenswaard en Oss en Stiphout

En Hans v d Berg voor het maken van de  uitslag en kampioenschappen.










Kampioenschappen staan op de site bij uitslagen

Internationale uitslagen

Heb contact gehad met de ZLU. Er zijn nog geen internationale uitslagen bekend, Bestuur ZLU heeft volgende week

(weeknummer 37)  contact met KBDB om alles te bespreken. als er iets bekend is plaats ik het op de site 

internationale uitslagen klik op de link hieronder; dan reseltaten Belgie, internationale resultaten

dan op dan op {O}V} klikken